High School Program

AOP allows high school students up to the age of 21 to earn credit by working online at home, or at any other suitable place with internet access. Students are enrolled in AOP either full or part time, depending on their educational needs.

The Arlington Online Program (AOP) is designed for students to earn high school credit independent of the traditional classroom setting. The program is ideal for students who are unable to attend traditional school five days a week.

Weekly Contact/Check In
Washington state law requires personal contact between the AOP Advisor and each enrolled student on a weekly basis. Students are required to meet with the WSLP Advisor at least one time per week. Students can either come to the SVLC campus, or arrange a virtual meeting.

WSLP Advisor
The Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) Advisor is a state certificated teacher who meets with students individually to determine what online classes in which to enroll based on the students' high school transcript and graduation requirements. Online courses are approved and listed in the WSLP. The Advisor will monitor necessary changes to the WSLP, as well as evaluate and document monthly progress for the learning plan.

Monthly Progress Evaluation
Student progress for each online course is evaluated monthly at the professional discretion of the WSLP Advisor based on the following progress criteria:
● Maintaining weekly contact
● Attainment of monthly learning goals
● Maintaining a passing grade of 70%
● Submission of written assignments

Failure to make monthly progress will lead to an intervention plan as well as the following required lab
● 1 month unsatisfactory=2 weekly check-ins (one via zoom; one via email/text)
● 2 months unsatisfactory=Parent and Student Zoom Meeting; second weekly check in (via
● 3 months unsatisfactory=revaluation/withdrawal from program

Intervention Plan
An intervention plan is developed between the WSLP Advisor and the student within 5 days of the following month when a student receives an unsatisfactory monthly progress report. The goal of the intervention plan is to identify steps to support the students so they can be successful and thus,
satisfactory at the end of the following month.

Instructional Materials
All learning activities are through the Apex Learning online platform accessed by individual student login usernames and passwords. Instructional materials include personal computers, the internet, printed written assignments, fiction and nonfiction texts when required, and classroom resources. All course syllabi used in this WSLP are presented in the Apex Learning course catalog.

Alternative Learning Experience
The Alternative Online Program at Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center is administered under the rules and regulations of the Washington state Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) code (WAC 392-121-182) that has the same meaning as provided in RCW 28A.250.010 for an “Online course.” An online course, or coursework, means that (1) more than half of the course content is delivered electronically using the internet or other computer based methods, (2) more than half of the teaching is conducted from a remote
location through an online course learning management system or other online or electronic tools, (3) a certified teacher has the primary responsibility for the instructional interaction pertaining to synchronously, asynchronously or both.

*A non-certificated teacher may serve in this role if the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has approved the online provider. AOP utilizes a combination of certificated and non-certificated
instructors as Apex Learning™ is an approved online course provider.

May I work at my own pace?

You may access the APEX program 24/7. However, you must maintain a pace that ensures you will receive satisfactory progress and complete 6 credits in a school year as a full time student.

How do I get quizzes reset?
Contact Mrs. Otto for quiz resets via email or remind message.

How many classes may I enroll in at one time?
We allow students to enroll in 3 classes at a time. We find that working on fewer classes at a faster pace is more successful than more classes at a slower pace.

May I take classes during the day at Weston or Arlington High?
Yes. Students may take classes through Weston, Arlington High School, Running Start, or at Sno Isle Skills Center while taking classes through AOP.

Can I work on classes during the vacations or over summer?

Yes, you can work during vacations, however the AOP instructor is not available should you need a quiz reset. Our AOP staff operates only during the scheduled school year from September to June. If a student wants to continue working over the summer months, Summer school is available through a separate program in the Arlington School District.