Asset Preservation

Arlington School District Facility Asset Preservation Program (APP)

The district’s APP, as required by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, is a systematic approach to ensure performance accountability; promote student health and safety by maintaining and operating building systems to their design capacity; maintain an encouraging learning environment; and extend building life, thus minimizing future capital needs.

All of the Arlington Schools in the APP program currently exceed the building condition standard. Although not required by the APP, all of the district’s other schools buildings under 30 years old were assessed in 2013 and also exceeded the building condition standard.

The intent of the program is to ensure that taxpayer investment in state assisted construction of school facilities is protected through a system of building maintenance.

The APP applies to all school districts that received state assistance for new school buildings after December 31, 1993.

Arlington has three schools (six separate buildings) in the APP program.

To fulfill the Asset Preservation Program requirements (WAC 392-347-023), a district must develop and implement an Asset Preservation System (APS), which is a series of tasks that are proactive, predictive or preventative to maintain the day-to-day health, safety, and instructional quality of the school facility. The Arlington School District has a maintenance program in place to ensure school facilities are properly maintained.

School districts must conduct a Building Condition Assessment (BCA) of APP buildings and report the results in a public school board meeting, by April 1 of each calendar year.  A certified assessor must assess the condition of each APP building using the Building Condition Assessment every sixth year of a building's 30-year life (6, 12, 18, 24, 30).

The BCA is a systematic rating of five common building components. The BCA scoring consists of ratings at the component level with choices that include excellent, good, fair, poor and unsatisfactory. The individual component scores are combined to produce a total building condition score based on a 100 point scale.

Building Condition Standard (BCS): The BCS is a tool for determining compliance with the Asset Preservation Program. The annual BCA score is compared with a yearly depreciation schedule, the Building Condition Standard, which is based on and supported by industry research and historically collected data.

Again, all of the Arlington Schools in the APP program currently exceed the building condition standard.