Language Access Plan

Arlington School District’s Language Access plan is a guidance tool for staff members to use to strengthen family partnerships.

Schools communicate with families in a language they can understand. This includes notifying families whose primary language of communication is not English or who have limited proficiency in English - in a language they can understand - about school and district programs, services, and activities.

The district ensures timely, meaningful communication of essential information, including language assistance programs, safety plans, special education and related services, IEP meetings, grievance procedures, notices of nondiscrimination, student discipline policies and procedures, registration and enrollment, report cards, requests for permission for student participation in district or school activities, parent–teacher conferences, parent handbooks, gifted and talented programs and any other school and program choice options.

Addressing Concerns and Complaints
Under state and federal civil rights laws, you have the right to access information in your language. If you have concerns about the school's interpretation or translation services - or if you were not offered an interpreter or translation you needed, you have several options.

1. Talk with your principal or a school employee you are comfortable with.

2. Talk with your school district, including Karl Olson at 360-618-6210 or [email protected]

3.Ask for help resolving your concerns from this agency.

Equity and Civil Rights Office Office of the Educational Office of Supt. of Public Instr. Ombudsman 360-725-6162 206-729-3251

4. You can file a complaint, in writing, and send it to the district by mail, e-mail, or hand delivery in any language.