Common Core State Standards

Washington State is one of 45 states that voluntarily adopted new learning standards for Kindergarten through 12th grade in English Language Arts and Mathematics. These new standards, known as the Common Core State Standards, create a consistent and clear set of standards for students across the country. The Common Core State Standards ensure that students, no matter where they live, have the skills they need to be successful in two or four year college programs or entering the workforce.

Arlington School District is in its sixth year articulating a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) where teachers are identifying those learning standards all students must master to be successful for the next level of learning. They are using the Common Core State Standards as they develop the GVC. These new standards were fully implemented in Washington State in 2014/2015. 

The development of the Common Core State Standards was led by educational experts from across the county and included input from teachers and parents.

Resources and Links:

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