Development Preschool

The Developmental Preschool serves children three to five years of age who are demonstrating delays in one or more areas of development including language, cognition, social/emotional, speech, and/or motor skills. Some are also medically fragile. This program is offered in a classroom setting with the primary goal of encouraging the development of critical attributes that lead to successful kindergarten (and beyond) experiences. These attributes include the ability to communicate, to listen and follow directions, to solve problems, to calmly make transitions, and to be responsible for themselves in the classroom setting.

The preschool teachers are certified in special education and specialize in teaching young children with special needs. Each class is staffed with a certified teacher and a para-educator to assist the teacher. The Developmental Preschool team also includes Speech/Language Pathologists, Motor Therapists, Psychologists and the School Nurse to further assist in the preparation of our young children for entrance into the kindergarten setting. Transportation is provided to and from school.

If you believe your child or a child you know may benefit from early intervention services, you may refer this child for an initial developmental screening through our CHILDFIND clinic and/or full evaluation by calling: Cindy Prouty, Psychologist and Preschool Case Manager at (360) 618-6295.  All program services are offered at no charge to the family.