Step 1—Am I required to do this training?

• A paraeducator is defined as “a classified public school or school district employee who works under the supervision of a certificated or licensed staff member to support and assist in providing instructional and other services to students and their families.” In Arlington, this includes all our K-12 paraeducators in general or special education and our interpreters.

• Paraeducators who meet the above definition are required to complete the Fundamental Course of Study (“FCS”; 28 hours) and the General Certificate (70 hours). These are explained in more detail in the other tabs on this website. There are some exceptions to the training requirement as follows.

• The training requirement only applies to K-12 employees. While we encourage preschool paraeducators to complete the training, you are not required to do so unless you are transferred to a K-12 position.

• Bus monitors also do not need to complete the training, but are welcome to do so.

• If you hold a valid education certificate (Teacher, CTE, First People's Language/Culture, Educational Staff Associate (ESA) or Administrator), you do NOT need to complete the General Certificate program, but you still need to complete the FCS. If you hold a limited certificate, you are not eligible for this exemption.