Principal Evaluation

In 2010, an education reform bill E2SSB 6696 was passed by the Washington State Legislature. Then, in 2012, ESSB 5895 provided additional guidance for a new principal and teacher evaluation system. Arlington is using the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) Leadership Framework for the new principal evaluation. The eight evaluation criteria are:

  1. Creating a Culture
  2. Ensuring School Safety
  3. Planning with Data
  4. Aligning Curriculum
  5. Improving Instruction
  6. Managing Resources
  7. Engaging Communities
  8. Closing the Gap

The AWSP Leadership Framework contains four reflection components: 1)the knowledge and skills possessed by successful principals, 2)evidence used for measures, 3) support principals need in order toexcel, and 4) the authority that principals need to excel in eachresponsibility.

With both the teacher and principal evaluation frameworks, the goalis to open discussion between the staff member and their evaluator toimprove student achievement. Outside of the family, the two mostinfluential factors for increasing student achievement have been shownto be the student's teacher and the principal of the school.

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