Language Access/Translation/Interpretation

Your child’s school should communicate with you—in your language—about your child’s education. This often includes translated documents and a language interpreter for meetings and conversations. These services are available even if you speak some English and your child can speak or read in English. The Department of Multilingual (ML) Services provides translation and interpretation to all families in Arlington Public Schools in our top languages (Spanish and Russian).

Arlington Public Schools serves thousands of students and families who speak both English and their home language. In our classrooms, this means recognizing a student’s home language as an asset to learning. Parents are encouraged to support their children to read or speak in their home language first in order to build upon the competencies they already possess. Dual language helps students advance in their English language studies, and reaffirms for students the value of their home language. This builds confidence which aids educational achievement.


  • Provide accurate and timely translations.
  • Provide qualified and trained interpreters in the top eight languages.
  • Have available a central site for translation and interpretation for all schools, families and staff.

Who to Contact
For translation and interpretation services intended for district-wide distribution and program-related communications to Multilingual (ML) students and families, contact Karl Olson, Language Access Coordinator, at 360-618-6210 or email [email protected].