Staff Related Forms

   Form No.
 Last Updated
Employee Records & Safety
  Staff Emergency Contact Information 5260F1 Dec 2013
  Hepatitis B Vaccine Request (identified personnel)
Nov 2014
  Consent and Release for Results of Controlled Substance, Evidential Alcohol Testing, and Refusal to Test History Reports
Oct 2017
  Extra Pay Time Sheet 5310F1 Dec 2013
  Support Services Time Sheet 5310F2 Dec 2017
  Substitute Time Report 5610F1 Dec 2013
  Seasonal Labor Time Sheet 5310F3 Dec 2013
  Class Load Relief Employee Time Sheet 5310F5 Dec 2013
  Student Time Report 5310F6 Dec 2013
  Driver's Education Time Report 5310F7 Dec 2013
  Board Member's Time Report 5310F9 Mar 2014
  Activity/Event Time Report 5310F11 Jan 2016

Compensatory "Comp" Time      
  Compensatory Time Form  5310F8 Dec 2013
  Special Projects
  Special Project Approval & Verification
Nov 2014

Payroll Deduction     
  Authorization for Automatic Payroll Deposits 5310F10 Oct 2014

  Meal and/or Travel Reimbursement  6213F1  Jan 2018 

Lost Receipt Verification Form 6212F4 Dec 2013

  Class Size Relief Eligibility 5310F4 Oct 2017
  Class Load Relief Employee Time Sheet 5310F5 Dec 2013
  Special Education Caseload Relief
Oct 2017
  Substitute Time Report (Certificated & Classified) 5610F1 Dec 2013
  Substitute Teacher Feedback for Principal
Feb 2018
  Classroom Teacher Feedback on Substitute
Feb 2018 
  Classified Substitute Feedback
May 2018
  Classified Substitute Performance Feedback
May 2018
  Pre-Arranged Request for Leave 5400F1 Mar 2014
  PSE Personal Leave Carry Over Request 5400F2 Oct 2016
  AEA Personal Leave Buyback Request
5400F3 June 2018
  Shared Leave Request Form  5406F1 Dec 2013
  Shared Leave Donation Form 5406F2 Feb 2016
  Comp Eval Teacher Self-Assessment Worksheet 5240F1 Dec 2013
  Student Growth Goal Setting - Teacher Comp Eval 5240F2 Nov 2014
  Teacher Observation - PreConf Planning 5240F3 Dec 2013
  Teacher Observation - Data Collection - by Criterion 5240F4 Dec 2013
  Teacher Observation - Data Collection - Narrative 5240F5 Dec 2013
  Teacher Observation - Data Collection - by Domain 5240F6 Dec 2013
  Teacher Observation Summary Report 5240F7 Dec 2013
  Teacher Observation Post-Conference Form 5240F8 Dec 2013
  Summative Evaluation Report - Classroom Tchr 5240F9 May 2014
  Principal Self-Assessment Worksheet 5240F10 Dec 2013
  Principal Goal Setting Worksheet 5240F11 Feb 2014
  Administrator Goal Setting Worksheet (old system) 5240F12 Dec 2013
  Driver Check Ride (Bus Drivers)
June 2018
Contractual Service Providers
  Contractual Services Agreement 6210F2 Apr 2018
  IRS Form W9 IRS Form Dec 2014
Professional Development
  PSE Staff Prof. Growth Fund Application 5520F1 Oct 2017
  Vita/Resumé - Continuing Ed Program Presenter
5520F2 Feb 2018
  Administrative Intern Program Application Packet
Mar 2018
  Property Damage Report
Apr 2015
  911 Emergency Medical Notification Checklist 3418F2 June 2014
  Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form  5270F1 Dec 2013
  Complaint Intake Form for Supervisor 5270Int1 Dec 2013
  Performance-Based - Termination Checklist 5280Int1 Dec 2013
  Misconduct-Based - Termination Checklist 5281Int2 Dec 2013
  Discharge Assessment Guide 5281Int1 Dec 2013