Step 2—Fundamental Course of Study (FCS)

• The FCS is 28 hours of training on required modules/subjects. This is REQUIRED for everyone who meets the above conditions (regardless of post-secondary degree or experience) and must be completed by September 1, 2023.

• Paraeducators may complete the training modules during their contracted/paid time on early release Fridays or conference days as scheduled on the district calendar. Additional pay is available (up to 14 hours per year) if you are unable to complete the training during your regular work day.

• The FCS is 28 hours of training. Some of the modules will be in-person in the District and the remainder will be through the Northwest ESD’s FCS online training program. The FCS includes the following modules:
  o FCS 01: Intro to Cultural Identity and Diversity (4 clock hours)
  o FCS 02: Methods of Educational and Instructional Support (4 clock hours)
  o FCS 03: Technology Basics (2 clock hours) IN-PERSON TRAINING at District Orientation Day
  o FCS 04: Using and Collecting Data (1 clock hour)
  o FCS 05: District Orientation of Rules & Responsibilities (3 clock hours) IN-PERSON TRAINING at District Orientation Day
  o FCS 06: Equity (3 clock hours) IN-PERSON TRAINING at District Day
  o FCS 07: Behavior Management Strategies including de-escalation techniques (3 clock hours)
  o FCS 08: Child & Adolescent Development (2 clock hours)
  o FCS 09: Emergency & Health Safety (1 clock hour)
  o FCS 10: Positive & Safe Learning Environment (3 clock hours)
  o FCS 11: Communication Basics (2 clock hours)
  o FCS 12: Communication Challenges (1 clock hour)

• The HR department will create accounts in the Northwest ESD’s program for paraeducators who need to complete the online modules. You will receive an email through your District email with a link to login. These modules can be completed at your own pace when it works for your schedule.

• After you have registered for the FCS course through the email you received, you can access the login page for Canvas here.  

• After Completing the 28 hours of training you need to complete the following:

  o Clock hour form and submit a copy to the HR department; HR will return a signed copy for your records (you will need it to apply for the General Certificate)

  o Create an e-Cert account and document completion of the FCS. Here is the e-Cert instruction document for completing this step.