District Committees

Advisory Council for Education (ACE)
This is a standing committee commissioned by the Arlington School Board.ACE The purpose of this committee is to provide systemic representative public involvement in educational decisions under consideration by the Board of Directors. This committee will meet monthly throughout the school year and more often if needed. If requested by the Board of Directors, a year-end report to summarize the activities of the committee work will be provided.

Learn more about ACE here.

Budget Advisory Task Force (BATF)
The Budget Advisory Task Force is a district-led advisory group designed toBATF solicit citizen participation in the district’s budget process. Members of this task force will increase their understanding of school district finances, public school funding and education learning needs. This task force will provide feedback regarding budget priorities and make recommendations to the superintendent.

District and Community Equity Team (DCET)
The purpose of this committee is to provide input and feedback for the implementation of the district equity plan. This group will include diverse representation from key stakeholder groups. The group members will engage in conversations about the equity work and needs.

Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC)
The purpose of this committee is to: review the current state of the district’sFAC instructional and support facilities to gauge their adequacy in supporting the safe, equitable delivery of instructional services; make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding future facilities needs based on student population data, reports from professional services providers, and other objective sources of data.

Instructional Materials Program Committee (IMPC)

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