District Budget

About the Budget
Arlington Public Schools are funded through State, Federal, and LocalTaxes, Fees, and/or allocations. Approximately seventy-one percent (71%)of the District funding is provided through State Allocation,twenty-four percent (24%) is from local taxes and fees, and five percent(5%) is from Federal allotments. Below is a basic explanation of factorsthat effect District revenues.

A. The General Fund excess levy cannot exceed the limitations imposed by the levy lid law.
B. The General Fund 2016 excess levy collection amount is $12,605,786.
C. The 2016 Debt Service Fund levy collection amount is $5,600,000.

APPORTIONMENT (Basic Education Allocation)
A.The Basic Education Formula allocates state monies on the basis ofcertificated staff units, classified staff units and non-employee relatedcosts. The average basic ed allocation per FTE (Full Time Equivalent) student is $5,634.02.

Pursuantto RCW 28A.41.140 the formula is a distribution mechanism and does notmandate specific expenditures by school districts other than salaryrequirements for certificated instructional staff.

Each school district shall receive funding using a prototypical school formula to establish state funded staffing levels.  Based on SHB2776 a prototypical school size is:  Elementary (K-6) - 400; Middle (7-8) - 432; High (9-12) - 600.  Funding is generated on the student grade level.  A teacher unit is generated on the basis of number of students:  Grades K-3, 25.23; Grade 4, 27; Grades 5-6, 27; Grades 7-8, 28.53; Grades 9-12, 28.74.

B.Materials, Supplies and Operating Costs(MSOC) allocations were implemented in the 2011-12 school year, replacing the NERC allocations.  The allocations are calculated based on a prototypical model using school and district size to estimate needs.


Certificated Instructional salaries have been budgeted at the maximum level allowed using the State salary schedule.  Certificated Administrative and Classified salaries are set through negotiation and do not use the State allocation calculations. For 2015-16 the state allocated $59,726 per FTE formula generated the Administrator allocation and $32,821 per FTE formula generated the Classified staffing allocation.

The 2002 Legislature discontinued funding for Traffic Safety Education.Pupil fees charged were approved at the July 8,2013, Board Meeting to be $480.

Prices charged will be as follows:
$3.00 K-6
$3.25 7-12
$0.50 milk
$1.75 breakfast
$4.25 adult lunch

Thebudget is based on an enrollment of 5,418 FTE, which includes 51.00 Running Start FTE. This includes an added 135 Full-Day Kindergarten FTE for Presidents, Eagle Creek and Kent Prairie Elementaries which will be reimbursed as provided by the 2015 Legislative Conference Budget allocation.  This is an increase of 217.34 FTE students from the 2014-15 actual annual average.  Special Education enrollment is budgeted at 582 P-12 FTE.  Career and Technical Education is budgeted at 369 FTE.