AHS students build tiny houses

Arlington High School students build tiny houses for those in need
AHS Tiny HousesThis spring, Arlington High School (AHS) students in the school’s Construction Geometry class built a half dozen tiny houses for the homeless in Western Washington. The school has been involved in the project for the past 12 years and works closely with the Low Income Housing Institute which distributes the houses.

“The students work with tools and learn some great skills in this class such as building a base, framing, roofing and installing insulation, flooring, doors and windows on the 8x12 foot shelter,” said Scott Striegel, AHS Woods and Construction Teacher. “However, the fact they know it’s going to help someone in need, it prompts them put extra care and effort into this project.”

The students work in groups which provides team leadership and helps the students form relationships. There are also discussions in class about the stigma and pre-conceived notions surrounding homelessness.

“It’s great to be helping someone with these houses,” said 10th grader Avalon Kahn. “I like that they’re going to a good cause.”

The students are also learning skills that will help them outside of the classroom.

“Before I took this class, I installed a shelf in my bedroom and it fell off the wall and broke my nose,” said 11th grader Olivia Morales. “This class has taught me the importance of making sure to anchor shelves into the wall studs!”