AEF gives 14 grants to classroom teachers

Arlington Education Foundation gives 14 grants worth more than $10,000 to classroom teachers
Mini GrantsDuring the Arlington Public Schools Board of Directors regular meeting on April 22, the Arlington Education Foundation (AEF) gave $10,334.92 to teachers in the Arlington School District.

“As of this spring, AEF has provided over $180,000 in classroom mini grants in the past 13 years benefiting over 500 individual teachers/classrooms and thousands of students,” said AEF Board Member, Kevin Ess. “We feel really good about our ability to support the teachers and staff of Arlington Schools and we will continue to look for ways to build upon this to generate a continued future of support for our district.”

The 2024 AEF Spring Mini Grant recipients are:

Money Granted  Recipient(s)  School  Purpose 
$943.46  Darcy Larson & Grade Team  Presidents Elementary School  Chain Reaction Machines STEM Exploration 
$1,250.00  Erin Green & Janell Sabol   Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center  Empowering Literacy 
$600.00  Amy Bryan & Karin Stringer  Presidents Elementary School  Ordinary People Change the World Book Set 
$1,250.00   Tammie Duskin & Grade Team  Haller Middle School   Mystery from History Unit NF Informational Books 
$1,250.00  Carrie Saunders & Grade Team  APPLE ECEAP Preschool  Preschool Gardening Project 
$493.19  Karen Gorzela  Eagle Creek Elementary School  Communication Therapy Materials 
$389.00  Melisa Donnelly  Kent Prairie Elementary School  Multi-Tiered Bilingual Language Intervention Curriculum 
$820.00  Wesley Klein & Grade Team  Eagle Creek Elementary School  Promoting Science, Writing & Wellness through Egg Incubation 
$1,000.00  Tiffany Gates & Grade Team  Kent Prairie Elementary School   Diversifying Classroom Library 
$469.27  Fran Schmitz  Haller Middle School  Enrichment Books for Classroom Learning 
$500.00  Bailey Newell  Presidents Elementary School   Sensory Supports 
$410.00  Jennifer Anspach  Eagle Creek Elementary School   Expanding Sentences 
$500.00  Kipp Otterness  Post Middle School  Music Room Speaker Amplifier 
$460.00  Rebecca Conner  Post Middle School  Community Culture Cooking 

Teachers can apply for the classroom mini grants in the fall and spring.