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Simply Amazing

Nominated by Alex Williams, 5th grader
Alex Williams knows exactly why Jeff Forney is simply amazing. “He keeps stuff clean and for me it would be hard to keep stuff clean; I forget to put stuff away when I am done with it. It helps me understand and I try to remind myself to keep stuff clean.”
In a school of roughly 500 students, Alex knows full well that there is always something to be cleaned up. He especially likes that Jeff has a “Green Team” up and running. This team works hard after lunches are over, sweeping under tables (there is a lot of stuff under the tables), helping put tables away, and taking breaks to keep from being too tired out.
Alex sums up his respect for Jeff by saying, “He makes Presidents a better place because he keeps it clean and organized. So people don’t get all sloppy everywhere. So they know to clean up their own messes. We don’t really talk, but he is a really nice guy.”