2020 Levies

2020 Levies
Arlington voters approve four-year EP&O and Capital Levies
The four-year EP&O Levy is a renewal of the existing four-year EP&O Levy, which expires at the end of 2020. The EP&O Levy pays for staffing, educational programs and operations expenses not funded by the state. These include instructional services and support, facility maintenance, technology, special education and extracurricular activities, and other educational programs and operations expenses.

  Estimated EP&O Levy    
Collection Year   Assessed Value Levy Amount
 2021  $1.63  $8,950,000
 2022  $1.49  $9,200,000
 2023  $1.21  $9,500,000
 2024  $1.70  $9,750,000

The four-year Capital Levy pays for safety, security and building improvements. All schools would receive improved classroom doors locks and other security upgrades. Additional classrooms and a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workshop would be constructed at Arlington High School. Other improvements include fire sprinklers, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and pedestrian safety at identified schools.

  Estimated Capital Levy
   Rate $1,000
Collection Year
Assessed Value
Levy Amount
 2021  $1.08  $6,019,553
 2022  $1.00  $6,149,553
 2023  $0.80  $6,281,554
 2024  $1.15  $6,606,008