Presidents Simply Amazing Staff


Jennifer Aribibola is an amazing 5th grade teacher at Presidents Elementary. This year she has an enthusiastic and talkative group of girls in her class, and they adore her. Of course, they describe Mrs. Aribibola as kind, helpful, respectful, and a good listener, and they have a nearly inexhaustible supply of examples. Math was a frequent topic of discussion. Taylor shared, “She is always trying to make sure you learn from your mistakes. She is always trying to make sure that happens, and that we are ready for 6th grade. She has taught us so much Math! She’s really good at making it so everyone understands it. When we learn it we can move to the next thing.” To which Lucy added, “But if you are not ready, she will pull you aside and make sure you get it.”
Not surprisingly, the girls shared that, sometimes, they talk in class. “She is good at keeping us quiet and on track. Well, maybe not quiet… I want to say disciplined, but that might not be the right word,” joked Taylor. “It turns out, she is strict to get you ready for middle school. She’s not really strict, she just helps you stay on track in order to prepare you for other grades.”
Alexandra had more to share on Mrs. Aribibola. “She thinks about her students before herself, and she just loves us. She is very thoughtful because if we need help with math, she will come by and help and I actually know what she is trying to tell me and how to do the math. If I am struggling on reading, she will help me read it.” It is love that sets her apart, and love that makes her Simply Amazing.