Pioneer Simply Amazing Staff


Greg Brager has had an adventurous year at Pioneer Elementary, as he has served as the school custodian while also working on getting his teaching certificate. Therefore, students have had the opportunity to see him as simply amazing from multiple perspectives.
For starters, Amelia wanted to honor him for the care he gives Pioneer. Greg leaves no detail unattended. Amelia’s gratitude centered on watering plants to keep them alive during spring break, in addition to the daily hard work he puts in to keep the school learning-ready.
Students in Mrs. Stober’s room, where Mr. Brager completed a practicum, agree fully with the care he provides. Of course, the kids know he is smart, kind, and helpful. But they also ascribe him more specific traits. Charlie explained that Mr. Brager is insightful and emotionally intelligent. Corbin added that he is exceptionally patient when working with kids, and that this is necessary to be a good teacher.
Perhaps Brett summarized best why Mr. Brager is simply amazing. “I think, and this is not a bad thing, that you are like a kid trapped in a teacher’s body. It is so funny! You are like the perfect little kid—a jokester with everyone!” Doubtless, Mr. Brager will have many requests from students to be in his classroom when he becomes a teacher, and he is a deserving recipient of this award.