Kent Prairie Simply Amazing Student

KP Student

Max is a student who demonstrates a vast range of positive character traits. He is observant of the world around him and the many positive ways he can influence that world. He notices when others need help and is always willing to lend a hand. He smiles and engages others as he walks by in a manner that makes people feel noticed and important. When anyone is struggling, Max goes out of his way to listen and be empathetic. Max is like a happiness phantom because, when possible, he finds a way to make that person's day a little brighter and has done so many times when he thinks no one is watching. He does these actions with humility and is rewarded simply by knowing that he has the power to make a positive difference. He demonstrates responsibility for learning and doing his own personal best, while also recognizing and congratulating the growth and contributions of those around him. He maintains a tight bond with his friends and his family at school while being inviting and willing to engage with those who are lonely and in need of friendship. Max’s actions and his choices quietly make a meaningful difference to our community.