Kent Prairie Simply Amazing Student


When you think about the grit and perseverance it takes to be a successful student, especially when life’s challenges sometimes seem to be a lot. . . DJ comes to mind. Like most of us, DJ has had obstacles to overcome, both personally and academically. He has chosen to rise above challenges, take responsibility for some of those challenges and then choose to be the best he can be, despite the challenges. DJ has chosen to go from a student that has had multiple missing assignments to a student who is now a “Rock Star” (meaning he has all of his work completed as quality 5th grade work). He also chooses to encourage others in our class by encouraging them to be their best selves and help each other (“gain off each other”).
Earlier this year, this didn’t appear the path that DJ was choosing to take, but now, due to his choices, DJ is now thinking critically and asking questions to deepen his understanding. DJ is accepting new challenges and taking opportunities to be a contributing member of our KP family. DJ is helping the office as a messenger and helping clean up the cafeteria after lunch to help set up for the next PE class. He is looking for opportunities to be a positive role model and he IS being a positive role model (even when it is hard to do the right thing). He is consistently giving his best effort and leading his friends to “do better”. This is the DJ we have had the privilege to see evolve as a person and student this year. What an honor to be part of this special young man’s journey.