Professional Development

Welcome to the APS Teaching & Learning Professional Development Page

APS is offering a variety of online professional development opportunities for employees this summer and for the 2020-21 school year. 

If you see a course of interest in the list below, click on it.  Click on the registration link under the Description to be connected to the ProDev Portal. (ProDev Basics:  How to Access ProDevHow to Register for a Course and How to Submit a Course Evaluation)

With the majority of our trainings becoming self-paced, or asynchronous, the list below will be updated regularly, so please check back often. (You must be logged into your ASD Google account before clicking on any link below.)

Required Courses:

Ready Classroom and i-Ready Training - August 24, 2020, 8:00 am - 1:30 pm (Audience: Grades 6-8 Math Teachers)

STAR Training 101 (Audience: Grades 1-12) - Asynchronous

Human Resources:

New Certificated Employee Orientation (No Clock Hours Available) - Asynchronous

Priority Courses:

Introduction to SeeSaw (Audience: Grades K-2) - Asynchronous

SFUSD Core Math Curriculum (Audience: Grade 5) - Asynchronous

Introduction to Bloomz (Audience: Grades K-5) - Asynchronous

Google Courses:

Introduction to EquatIO for Google (Audience: Grades 6-12) - Asynchronous

Introduction to Fluency Tutor for Google (Audience: Grades K-5) - Asynchronous

Introduction to Read&Write for Google Chrome (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Creating Digital Escape Rooms with Google Forms (Audience: Grades 3-8) - Asynchronous

Google Certified Educator Training -  Level 1 and Level 2 (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Using Google Forms to Collect IEP Data (Audience: Grades K-12 SPED) - Asynchronous

Google Classroom and Google Forms (Audience: Grades K-5) - Asynchronous

Digital Assignments in Google Slides (Audience: Grades 3-12) - Asynchronous

Google Earth 101 (STEM) (Audience: Grades 3-5) - Asynchronous

Google Overview: Basic Tools in the G-Suite and Their Uses in the Classroom (Audience: Grades 6-12) - Asynchronous and Live Follow-up

Other Courses:

Engaging Students Virtually Through Technology (STEM) (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Building Graphic Classrooms (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Free Websites to Create Engagement in the Elementary Classroom (Audience: Grades K-5) - Asynchronous

Screencastify Online Video Creator (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Getting Started with E-Learning in the K-12 Classroom (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Educational Strategies for Today's Classroom: From Theory to Practice (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous (Course is Closed)

How to Foster Resilience in a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom (Audience: K-12) - Asynchronous

Project-Based Learning - 60-Minute Introduction (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Using Picture Books in the Upper Elementary Classroom (STEM) (Audience: Grades 3-5) - Asynchronous

Indigenous Success in Education is Rooted in Our Ancestors (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Desmos From a Distance (STEM) (Audience: Grades 6-12) - Asynchronous and Live Follow-up

Diversity and Inclusivity in Children's Literature (Audience: Grades K-5) - Asynchronous

CPR/AED and First Aid Trainings (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Teaching Reading Via Distant Learning (Audience: Grades 3-5) - Asynchronous

That's a Good Question: Strategies to Build Critical Thinking (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Disciplinary Book Clubs for Grades 3-12: A Transformative Practice for Literacy and Social-Emotional Learning (Audience: Grades 3-12) - Asynchronous

How to Connect Math & Literacy: Getting Students Reading, Writing & Speaking in Math Class (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Keeping it Real: Innovative Ideas for Informational Text (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Getting Started with Formative Assessment for Today's Classroom: Grades 6-12 - Asynchronous

Critical Thinking: Developing Reasoned Thought Through Deep Content (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Knowing is Half the Battle: Teaching and Learning for Depth of Knowledge (Audience: Grades K-12) - Asynchronous

Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century! (Grades: K-12) - Asynchronous