Student Advisor- Senior

Kyle SchroederSchroeder

My name is Kyle Schroeder and I am currently a Junior at Arlington High School. I was born in Arlington and I have lived here since I was born.
Since I started middle school, I have maintained an honor roll GPA. I have been participating in the AP program offered at AHS since the start of my freshman year and I am happy to say that this allows me to attain college credits without needing to leave the school. In my free time, I enjoy taking part in the school’s Knowledge Bowl team and Ultimate Frisbee Club. I support other school functions in the audience such as band concerts, basketball games and football games. I have always looked for leadership opportunities within the community and the school. At Presidents Elementary, I served as the treasurer on the first student council and was lucky enough to have my first interaction with the School Board giving a presentation on behalf of Presidents. At Haller Middle School, I attended ASB meetings as a class representative.
In the future, I plan on attending a four-year university for a psychology degree and then furthering my education at law school. The college credits that I am earning from the AP program will help jump start my college career.
Serving on the School Board is an opportunity that I appreciate greatly. I have always wanted to help people and I think that being the voice of my fellow students is a perfect opportunity for me to do so. Being an advisor is also an amazing way to stay connected with a community that I have been a part of my entire life.

Fall 2021