Structured Learning Environment

Structured Learning Environment (formally called ASSIST)

Program Description
Our focus is on preparing students for success in school and life through the use of individualized visual supports, predictable structured routines, and direct teaching to foster flexibility, emotional regulation, and effective communication.

Common Characteristics/Needs of Students Served
Often have a diagnosis of autism or suspected autism and have a need for the highest level of structure (individualized) and predictable routines implemented consistently throughout the entire school day and across all settings.

Critical Program Elements (Non-negotiables)
• Teaching functional communication throughout the students’ entire day, using verbal language, low and high-tech communication systems, and devices
• Use of TEACCH or equivalent structures (individual visual and written schedules, structured work systems, focus on teaching functional routines and independence)
• Participation in individualized and/or group incentive systems (e.g., check-in/check-out (CICO))
• Individual, small group, and large group instruction in all areas of development, including academics based in evidence-based practices (e.g., ABA principles, etc.)
• Explicit instruction in social skills/pragmatics and their generalization through social stories, direct instruction, and in collaboration with SLP
• Supporting individual sensory and self-regulation needs through working with OT

Structured Learning Environment (SLE) programs are offered at Pioneer Elementary, Kent Prairie Elementary, Presidents Elementary, Post Middle School and Arlington High School.

Note: Specialized programs are available only for students who are not demonstrating the ability to meaningfully access and progress in their education while receiving all services available to them at their neighborhood school (e.g., specially designed instruction, related services, modifications/accommodations, etc.). Often students show characteristics that may suggest more than one specialized program placement option may need to be considered. In these situations, we rely on the IEP team’s thorough knowledge of the student’s strengths, needs and prominent characteristics in conjunction with familiarity with the specialized programs in our district.