Director - District 4

Ms. Mary Levesque


In high school, I was a trombone-playing, cross-country running, shy kid. High school was a challenging time for me, where I eventually found my own strengths. I found joy in building relationships, getting involved, and serving others.

My husband and I were married in 1994, and we have six kids. Emily (class of 2013), Natalie (class of 2014), Debbie (class of 2019), Justin (class of 2021), Katie (class of 2024), Zachary (class of 2026). We moved to Arlington in 2005. Schools we have been lucky enough to claim as ours: President's Developmental Preschool, Apple ECEAP Preschool, Kent Prairie Elementary, Post Middle School, SVLC (for a few months), Weston, and Arlington High. I am grateful for the tremendous impact and wonderful support our family received from all their school staff members over the years. 

During the long days and nights of raising babies, toddlers, kids and teenagers, as a stay-at-home mom, I needed more outside connections. I started volunteering at my kids' schools, to talk to grownups, and also help my kids' teachers. Volunteering helped me develop new talents and skills, and built my kids' community at the same time. Part of my volunteer work involved helping PTAs, first beginning as a co-Box Tops Chair at Kent Prairie, then secretary, treasurer, VP, and then secretary, treasurer at Post PTA. Followed by two years as Arlington Area Council President, and then four years on the Washington State PTA board of directors. As a state PTA leader I led a team, provided training and traveled the state helping PTAs with issues, and advocated for educational issues in Olympia. I volunteered with the Arlington Education Foundation for a few years as well. I also have volunteered with the Arlington School District's Curriculum Committee, the Advisory Council for Education (ACE), and the Technology Committee before running for the school board in 2019.

As a stay-at-home mom for almost 20 years, I recently entered the workforce in 2014, helping with childcare at a local gym. I currently work full time at a local hospital helping with administrative duties. I also work at a bakery one day a week. I am slowly working on my bachelor’s degree in business management, with an emphasis on finance, by taking one class at a time online at BYU-Idaho, hoping to finish in December 2024. I volunteer on the board of the Arlington Runners Club. I also teach small children in primary in church on Sundays. 

I love living in our little city, and school district. I feel so grateful to raise my family here. I want to encourage all families and community members to volunteer in our schools and help the next generation rise higher and accomplish more. I heard this economic phrase, "A rising tide lifts all boats (JFK)," and it rings true for me for students in education. I felt the impact of helping the whole school when helping fundraise to provide new playground equipment for all the students. One of our statewide education leaders recently told school board members to "Call people in and up into their best selves, and not down and out into shame (Erin Jones)." Let's all work together to lift each other up and make our schools even better.

It is my honor and privilege to serve on our school board.

November 2023