Nursing Staff

The Arlington School District has a longstanding commitment to student safety and health promotion. Each school has a Licensed Nurse available to provide a wide range of services. It is our desire to partner with parents in the health care process in order to promote an optimal learning environment and enhance student education.

District Nurse
Krissa Cramer, RN
360-618-6300 ext. 2806
[email protected]
Eagle Creek Elementary
Shelly Larson, LPN, Email Nurse Shelly
360-618-6274, Fax 360-618-6275
Kent Prairie Elementary
Anne McAlvey, LPN, Email Nurse Anne
360-618-6264, Fax 360-618-6265
Pioneer Elementary
Nora Parker, LPN, Email Nurse Nora
360-618-6285, Fax 360-618-6234
Presidents Elementary
Ginger Sherbourne, LPN, Email Nurse Ginger
360-618-6244, Fax 360-618-6245
Haller Middle School
JoAnna Abramowicz, LPN, Email Nurse JoAnna
360-618-6406, Fax 618-6411
Post Middle School
Nanci Johnson, LPN, Email Nurse Nanci
360-618-6454, Fax 360-618-6455
Arlington High School
Krista Gibson, RN, Email Nurse Krista
Artika Ram, LPN, Email Nurse Artika
360-618-6305, Fax 360-618-6310
Weston High School
Cindy Bradley-Reynolds (Health Room Asst.)
360-618-6346, Fax 360-618-6341
Stillaguamish Valley LC
Krissa Cramer, RN, Email Nurse Krissa
360-618-6286, Fax 360-618-6221