Superintendent's Message

2021-22 School Year

Welcome to Arlington Public Schools…We are committed to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

The new school year 2021-22 brings new beginnings and new challenges. We are a resilient learning community and we believe that TOGETHER we will meet the challenges and Keep Moving Forward!

We care about the learning and success of EACH student. We are committed to equity which we define as removing barriers and increasing access for EACH student. We value a culture of equitable practices, collective responsibility, continuous improvement, and a collaborative culture/environment.

We are excited about the opportunity to provide five days of in-person instruction this fall. A remote learning option will also be available through the Arlington Online Program K-12. No matter which learning option students participate in, they will be supported by amazing staff who are dedicated and ready to serve.

We invite families to be active partners with us in this important work of educating, preparing and inspiring each student to successfully transition from grade to grade, graduate and be ready for life pursuits after high school.

We will continue to foster the benefits of having a positive growth mindset which is especially important and relevant during this ongoing COVID-19 challenge. A positive growth mindset supports increased learning for students and means we will view challenges as opportunities, persevere when situations are hard, never give up and seek feedback to learn and make better decisions to support students.

I look forward to our joint partnership to benefit EACH student this year. We will also continue to combine our talents, strengths and creativity and KEEP MOVING FORWARD to increase learning and achievement for EACH Arlington student.

Passionate for Student Learning!

Dr. Chrys Sweeting
Arlington Public Schools