Superintendent's Message

Summer 2023

Dear Arlington Families & Community,Graduate

We finished the 2023 school year by celebrating 44 students graduating from Weston High School, Open Doors and the Arlington Online Program, and 366 students graduating from Arlington High School. We had 4,963 students ready to successfully transition to the next grade level beginning in 2023-24. We also had 11 graduates earn, not only their high school diplomas, but their associate degree as well. These successes were made possible by the commitment of our amazingly talented staff, supportive families, and committed community dedicated to preparing, educating, and inspiring students to learn and achieve at the highest levels.

Despite coming off the heels of three years impacted by COVID, we are pressing forward and addressing many of these impacts which include:

• Academic learning gaps, especially in math
• Increased behavior support needs
• Increased social/emotional and mental health needs
• Ongoing economic instability/uncertainty

Community agencies such as Snohomish County, Stilly Valley Health Connections and the Northwest Educational Service District 189 are partnering with us to support the increased mental health needs of our students. This year, most schools received some level of mental health support.

We are applying the instructional framework of Universal Design for Learning, (UDL for short), where we look at the learning environment and identify ways to increase access to learning and remove barriers to learning. Students have shared at several board meetings how this approach has helped them engage in learning at higher levels.

The district’s Strategic Plan provides clear direction and focus for our work and is comprised of four goals. These goals drive the focus for our efforts for one purpose…. increase student learning and achievement for EACH student.

Enjoy the summer!


Dr. Chrys Sweeting