Superintendent's Message

Students share what makes it a "home game" for them at school

Fall is well underway and our students are working hard to do their best. We believe students learn best in a positive learning environment. This year we are giving extra focus to “Making it a Home Game for Every Student, E
very Day!” This means providing students with a safe, caring and welcoming learning environment.
Student Voices Lunch
Each month, I am meeting with students at a different school for a “Student Voices” lunch. In September, I visited with Haller Middle School students and in October with Post Middle School students. One school board director and a couple members of the superintendent’s cabinet also participate in each lunch. As a group, we enjoy lunch together in a relaxed environment and listen to student ideas and suggestions. During the “Student Voices” lunch, students are asked about what makes it a “home game” for them at school. They are also asked to share what supports their learning and what can we do better to help them learn, as well as what barriers they believe exist.

At Post Middle School, one student who runs cross country shared that she feels more supported at home meets versus away meets with more parents there cheering on the team. A second student who moved from California to Arlington shared how welcoming the students were when he arrived. Nice teachers, the ability to go outside at lunchtime, and lots of different sports and activities were among the things the students felt make it a home game for them at Post.

At Haller Middle School, one student said when he moved up from the elementary school, the older students at Haller welcomed him. Another student stated he really likes group work and having the opportunity to choose partners for group work. When students were asked what improvements could be made, one student said he would like more time to finish homework at school. One student said he would like the track
to be replaced and another said she would like more clubs for students to join.

One area that all the middle school students have agreed on is how supportive the teachers and staff are at their schools. Students shared stories of how some teachers are firm but know how to joke. Other teachers are active and energetic and make
learning fun. Students said their teachers are supportive and want the students to succeed.

The “Student Voices” lunches will continue throughout the year. We are getting great honest and thoughtful feedback from the students!

In Arlington Public Schools, we work hard to hire the best teachers and staff. These students have re-affirmed the quality teachers and staff we have in Arlington. I’m proud to work in a district where engaging each student in high quality learning and making it a “home game” is a priority.

Dr. Chrys Sweeting