Teacher recognized for improving student growth

Post Middle School teacher recognized for improving student growth
Post TeacherPost Middle School Special Education Teacher, Julie Shaughnessy, is being recognized as a WSECU Teacher of the Week along with 23 other teachers during the Seattle Mariners game on Aug. 7. Shaughnessy was nominated for the award by Lana Kapustik, whose nephew K-Den MacCurdy attends Post.

“Ms. Shaughnessy had a huge impact this past year on K-Den,” said Kapustik. “Before coming to Post, K-Den only attended school for a few hours a day and was behind academically. Ms. Shaughnessy provided K-Den with coping techniques and incentives to help him process feelings and improve academically. In fact, he earned a ‘Hard Worker’ award from the Post PTSA!”

“I really like attending Post,” said K-Den. “The teachers are great and I have nice friends.”

Shaughnessy said communication played a big role in K-Den’s improvement.

“Lana and I would communicate daily, sometimes two or three times a day, to discuss K-Den’s progress that day,” said Shaughnessy. “Lana would use a lot of the same techniques I used at school at home. This really helped us to be on the same page and provided consistency for K-Den.”

Shaughnessy will receive a $500 classroom grant, and an additional $500 grant will be awarded to Post Middle School courtesy of WSECU. The 2022 WSECU Teacher of the Week Program recognizes teachers who make a difference every day at their schools.