SRO discusses online safety with fifth graders

School Resource Officer discusses online safety with fifth graders
SRO VisitArlington Police School Resource Officer Justin Olson visited Eagle Creek Elementary fifth grade classrooms on March 2 to discuss online safety with the students.

“We’ve recently had some problems with social media issues that have impacted the learning environment for students,” said Eagle Creek Principal, Bethany Belisle. “We brainstormed as a team on how to teach our students about digital citizenship and how to responsibly use technology.”

Officer Olson talked with the students about online bullying and the importance of being respectful to each other. He also told them about the importance of not sharing personal information on social media such as home addresses.

“Once you put it out on the internet, you can’t take it back,” said Officer Olson.

He also talked about emotional intelligence with the fifth graders and how important it is to control their emotions, especially when creating social media posts.

Arlington Public Schools contracts with the Arlington Police Department to have a School Resource Officer at the schools. The School Resource Officer, a commissioned Arlington Police Officer, visits schools to build relationships with students and to be available during emergency situations.