Rotary club recognizes local students

Rotary Club of Arlington recognizes local students
Rotary ClubFive outstanding middle and high school students from Arlington Public Schools were recognized May 12 by the Rotary Club of Arlington for making a difference in their respective schools. The Rotarians wanted to recognize students who stand out in different ways in their schools. The Rotary Club also donated $50 to a charity of the student’s choice.

Christian Decker from Weston High School has been at Weston since ninth grade and has been a rock star ever since. “Christian is always kind, looks out for others, and works extremely hard,” said Weston Principal, Andrea Dixon-Hundredmark. “He also encourages and helps his fellow students.” Decker’s $50 contribution is being made to Saving the Blue.

Britney Allen from the Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center (SVLC) is a hard-working student. “She goes above and beyond every week to produce quality work for her classes,” said SVLC Teacher, Rachel Manza. “Her spunky personality makes people laugh and feel comfortable. She adds a lot to our community at SVLC.” Allen’s $50 contribution is being made to Seattle Children’s.

Arlington High School student, Mary Feider, is one of the best examples of what a great student should be. “She is a wonderful human being that is always seeking to improve in every aspect of her life,” said Arlington High School Teacher, Greg Hurst. “She is an accomplished writer, and she works with other students to improve their writing through the AHS writers club.” Feider’s $50 contribution is being made to the Arlington Community Food Bank.

Benjamin Bogart from Post Middle School is always willing to help a teacher or classmate without even being asked. “He does the right thing when no one is looking and is an overall amazing human being,” said Post Teacher, Megan O’Brien. “Each day he comes to school with a great attitude and does his best work.” Bogart’s $50 contribution is being made to the NOAH Center.

Haller Middle School student, Adrienne Pournadeali, gives 100% of her effort every single day. “She is the student who plans ahead and looks for creative ways to extend her learning in ways that can affect others,” said Haller Teacher, Fran Schmitz. “She is the student that asks for ways to extend nearly every aspect of what she learns in school to some other aspect of life or the community.” Pournadeali’s $50 contribution is being made to Sarvey Wildlife.