Lions Club screens students for vision and hearing

Arlington Lions Club screens students to ensure they can see and hear in class
Vision ScreeningArlington Lions Club members have been conducting hearing and vision screenings for students in the region for at least the past six years to ensure students can hear and see.

“It’s so important for students to hear the teacher and to be able to see the whiteboard in class,” said Lions Club Member, Sharon Morrision. “Last year, we provided hearing and vision screenings for 23,000 children in the area.”

The Lions Club has invested in the equipment to conduct the hearing and vision screenings. Students are screened and either pass the screening or are referred for additional screening. The club can conduct screenings for a whole class in about four minutes.

“The school district is required by state law to screen all students in grades K-3, 5, and 7 for vision and hearing,” said Krissa Cramer, Arlington Public Schools District Nurse. “Since Lions Club members take care of this for us, it allows our nurses to instead focus on other student health needs. We are incredibly grateful for the Arlington Lions Club’s assistance with this critical task.”