Firefighters teach life-saving skills to Arlington elementary students

Firefighters teach life-saving skills to Arlington elementary students
Fire Prevention WeekArlington Firefighters are visiting elementary schools this week to teach young students what to do in case of a fire. Oct. 6-12 is Fire Prevention Week and it’s a good time to remind students and families about fire safety.

“The students’ homework was to go home and talk with their families about what they can do to prevent fires and how to react if there’s a fire in their home,” said Arlington Fire Captain, Cary Stuart.

Just like fire drills at school, Stuart impressed upon Pioneer Elementary kindergartners and first graders how important it was to have a drill at home. He also told the students that their parents will be taking “attendance” to make sure all family members are safe just like teachers take attendance at school.

Stuart showed students how to dial 911, since many families now have cell phones instead of landlines and need to press “send” instead of just dialing the number. He also talked about the danger of playing with matches and lighters and asked families to check the batteries in their smoke detectors.

“It’s important for students and all family members to sleep with their bedroom doors closed,” said Stuart. “A closed door will limit the amount of smoke that can enter a bedroom.”

The class ended with an Arlington firefighter – equipped with their mask and gear – getting down to the students' level so they could see and hear what a firefighter would look and sound like in case there was ever a fire in one of their homes.