Arlington High School students to create metal banners for city light poles

Arlington High School students to create metal banners for city light poles
Light Pole BannersStudents in Arlington High School’s (AHS) Advanced Manufacturing class are teaming up with the city of Arlington to produce metal banners for certain light poles in the city. The 30 inch by 60 inch metal banners will be placed on light poles along the new Arlington Valley Road in the city’s industrial park.

“Last year, students in the Advanced Manufacturing class produced metal bike racks that were placed throughout Arlington,” said Sarah Lopez, Community Revitalization Project Manager with the city. “The project was so successful that Mayor Tolbert wanted to collaborate on another project with the high school students.”

The students gave presentations to the mayor and other representatives on their designs on Feb. 25. The designs included items like trees, wildlife, machinery, aviation and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The final designs for the project will be selected over the new few weeks.

AHS Senior Selena Tedford spent nearly three weeks designing her banner for the project. Her design – which included a worker and an anvil – was produced as an example of what the banners could look like.

“I had to go through each line in the design program and everything had to fit perfectly,” said Tedford. “It’s a great feeling to have an end product.”

For last summer’s bike rack project, the students had to send out their racks to be cut. Over the winter, the school invested in a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Plasma Table, which can cut the signs in just minutes.

“By having the CNC Plasma Table in house, the students learn the manufacturing process from start to finish,” said Collin Nelson, AHS Engineering/Welding Teacher. “This also gives the students hands-on industrial knowledge which is critical for future employers. We have some local manufacturers who are already talking with some of our seniors about their plans after high school.”

The banners are expected to be installed this summer.