AEF Spring 2023 Classroom Mini Grants

AEF Spring 2023 Classroom Mini Grants
Mini GrantsDuring the Arlington Public Schools Board of Directors meeting on April 24, the Arlington Education Foundation (AEF) gave $11,053.27 to teachers in the Arlington School District. Since 2011, AEF has granted more than $150,000 to classroom teachers in the district as part of their Mini Grant Program.

“The education foundation's commitment to our schools and teachers is exemplified in these classroom grants,” said AEF Board Member, Kevin Ess. “We know that our mission is defined by the outstanding work of the teachers, and we are grateful to be a small part of the great work that they do each day for our students."

The 2023 AEF Spring Mini Grant recipients are:

Money Granted Recipient School Purpose
$1,250.00  Eagle Creek K-5 Grade Team  Eagle Creek Elementary School  Growing Strong 2023 
$1,250.00  Kent Prairie Occupational Therapist and Special Education Team  Kent Prairie Elementary School  Trauma Informed Social & Sensory Support Strategies for Emotional Regulation 
$1,250.00  Pioneer Elementary K-5 Grade Team  Pioneer Elementary School  Access to Quality Literature for All Learners 
$300.00  Jenelle Rose- 4th Grade Pioneer Elementary School  Entry Task STEM Bins 
$500.00  Lisa Thompson- 3rd Grade  Eagle Creek Elementary School  Third Grade Math Center 
$337.74  Elsa Lund  Presidents Elementary School Instrument Tuners 
$500.00  Riley Anderson- 3rd Grade  Presidents Elementary School  ELA and Math Reinforcement Tools 
$1,250.00  Eagle Creek K-5 Grade Team  Eagle Creek Elementary School  Increasing Math Fluency and Engagement in the Intervention Classroom Using Student Choice/UDL 
$500.00  Darcy Larson- 4th Grade  Presidents Elementary School  Chain Reaction STEM Exploration (Rube Goldberg Mechanics) 
$1,200.00  Haller Middle School 6th Grade Team  Haller Middle School  Fun & Games in the Middle School Math Classroom 
$1,115.53  Kent Prairie 1st Grade Team Kent Prairie Elementary School  First Grade Small Group Classroom Library 
$1,100.00  Kent Prairie 2nd Grade Team  Kent Prairie Elementary School  Number Corner 
$500.00  Bailey Newell  Presidents Elementary School  Preschool Dramatic Play 

Teachers can apply for the classroom mini grants in the fall and spring.