AEF gives 16 grants to classroom teachers

Arlington Education Foundation gives 16 grants totaling $9,500 to classroom teachers
Spring 2022 AEF GrantsDuring the Arlington Public Schools Board of Directors meeting on April 25, the Arlington Education Foundation (AEF) gave $9,595.70 to teachers in the Arlington School District. Since 2011, AEF has granted $127,000 to classroom teachers in the district as part of their Mini Grant Program.

“One way our foundation provides support and assistance to Arlington teachers and students is through our classroom mini-grants,” said AEF Board Member, Kevin Ess. “Twice every year, these grants go to fund special projects, books, needed classroom supplies and other innovative and inspirational resources that enhance student learning experiences and help Arlington teachers to educate and prepare the children of our community.”

The 2022 AEF Spring Mini Grant recipients are:

Money Granted  Recipient  School  Purpose 
$500.00 Trina Sanford Pioneer Elementary
Reading Rotations
$500.00 Jackie Goulet Pioneer Elementary Diverse Literature Library
$500.00 Julie Polkinghorn Eagle Creek Elementary Bringing Learning to Life
$1,094.50 Lindsay Lopata & 3rd Grade Team Pioneer Elementary Hoppin’ to Learn Our Math Facts
$358.99 Stephanie Mandarano Howe Pioneer Elementary NGSS Children’s Books 
$600.00  Erin Green & Amanda Andrews  Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center   Classroom Resources 

Presidents Elementary 5th Grade Team  Presidents Elementary  Inclusion in Action 
$1,196.86  Abigail Braaten & 1st Grade Team  Presidents Elementary  Bringing Science of Reading to First Grade Learners 
$304.00  Melisa Donnelly  Kent Prairie Elementary  Diverse and Inclusive Literacy Library 
$654.90  Rachel Harrington & 6th Grade Team  Haller Middle School  Mars Day: Rocket, Habitat, Energy Specialists 
$190.93  Kelly Degman & the Wavelength Club  Post Middle School  Wavelength Club Books 
$500.00  Greer Verrier-Davis & the Diversity Club  Haller Middle School  Educational Books of Diversity 
$1,250.00  Heather Hubbard & the Assist Program  Presidents Elementary  Social Emotional Learning for All 
$133.10  Amy Egan  Eagle Creek Elementary  Logic of English (Essentials) Teaching Materials 
$498.00  Amy Tuckwell  Post Middle School  CBL2 Graphing with Technology 
$500.00  Stephanie Bailey & 7th Grade ELA Team  Post Middle School  7th Grade Novels of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Authors 

Teachers can apply for the classroom mini grants in the fall and spring.