Arlington High School Simply Amazing Staff


Nominated by Alyssa Flynn, 11th grade
Jasmine Root works with students at AHS who need the most assistance in catching up a year or two worth of math, and she works with students who are ready for our highest level of mathematical challenges in AP Statistics. Highly skilled teachers are best working with both these groups of students as they can shine no matter the teaching assignment because of their care for kids and expertise in their subject area. Jasmine's knowledge of, and care for students, shows how much she values each individual. She is also our head girls tennis coach. Jasmine pursues everything she does with heart. She is gifted at figuring out what each kid needs, and showing them how to move forward with confidence. She helps build and sustain our Eagle culture at Arlington High School. She is a huge part of what makes us, us. Jasmine was nominated by a student that described her as “the best person ever.”