Eagle Creek Simply Amazing Staff


Lorraine is a huge fan of Miss Wendy Hammond, the daytime custodian at Eagle Creek Elementary. She sees Miss Wendy every day, working hard to make the school a great place for kids. “I see her cleaning the lunchroom and making sure everything—garbage, compost—all go in the right trash can. And she makes sure everything is nice and neat so whoever goes in the gym or when we have an assembly the kids can sit down and we can hear what the person is sharing with us.” Like so many other kids that Miss Wendy knows, Lorraine is a lunchroom helper. “I swept, and I helped take off some of the wipes that we use on the table. It was a little bit hard! But I got a candy or Eagle Ticket. I prefer candy because I like candy.” As much as she likes candy, Lorraine likes Miss Wendy even more, and wants to be sure that everyone shows gratitude for her hard work and kindness. “Thank you, Miss Wendy! Thanks for cleaning the lunchroom and being an amazing janitor! I like her. I am a kind person, too.”

Staci Mueller – Bus Driver
Nominated by Emma Price, 5th grader
Student Emma Price has nominated bus driver Staci Mueller for recognition as a "Simply Amazing" staff member. In Emma's nomination, she says that Staci is "the best bus driver in the world." Staci started as a bus driver in Arlington in 2012. She's a very hard worker and very involved in many aspects of school life. She not only works her daily route, she drives mid-day runs, field trips, and also helps Support Services with the courier position when she can. Staci cares about her bus students and teaches them how to be successful riders. She contacts parents when there is an issue on her bus and is very proactive in resolving problems on board her bus. She loves to take the sports teams to their events and has a great rapport with coaches and chaperones.