Director - District 3

Ms. Judy Fay

I am excited for this new opportunity to serve the Arlington community as a School Board Director. Although new to this position, I am not new to Arlington education.

I have had the privilege of teaching in all of the grade schools over my 31 year teaching career, beginning in the original Presidents building in 1979. As a retired teacher, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience about historical and current best practices to educate children. I understand the importance of a well-rounded education that includes the arts, sports, STEM, individualized self-paced learning with child-directed goal setting, cooperative learning and the power of project-based learning. I worked side by side in the Arlington Schools with outstanding teachers.

My husband, Danny, and I have spent the last 42 years in Bryant - raising our two children, with the help of other educators, coaches, district staff and the community. As a grandparent volunteering in my grandchildren's classrooms, I know how important participation is from family, friends and our small town neighbors.

I am an advocate of public education and will strive to strengthen and expand opportunities for students, parents and teachers as we work together to raise successful, thoughtful thinkers; children that will be able to discover their own potential, creativity, and interests - that may turn into passions.