Former Weston student inspires other students

Former Weston student inspires other students to overcome obstacles
Cameron BundyFormer Weston High School student Cameron Bundy is not your typically grad student. Bundy graduated from Weston in 2011 and returned on May 6 to share his experiences with current students. Many of his former teachers returned to Weston to hear him speak.

“The teachers at Weston are amazing,” said Bundy. “In my junior year, I got in trouble and went to juvie. Despite all that, the teachers still believed in me.”

He returned to Weston and earned his diploma; the first and only child in his family to graduate from high school. He moved to Eastern Washington and started taking care of himself. He attended Yakima Valley College, transferred to Central Washington University, and majored in applied mathematics. He applied for scholarships and received a fully funded position in a Mathematical Modeling PhD program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His hope is to one day teach college mathematics.

“I was honored to be asked to speak with the Weston students. I wanted to share with them that Weston teachers will never give up on you and will always support you,” said Bundy. “It was overwhelming to see my former teachers in the audience.”

“With Cameron, we aligned the messenger with the correct message,” said Andrea Dixon-Hundredmark, Weston High School Principal. “He showed our students that hope, resiliency and hard work can put you on a trajectory to success.”