Farm to School

The Arlington Public Schools are participating in the Farm to School program. This means that locally grown foods are purchased and served as part of the school meals as much as possible. To be successful, this requires partnerships between the school district, growers, processors, and distributors.

In 2012, a grant of $100,000 was given to the Child Nutrition program by the Stillaguamish Tribe to enhance the work already being done. A team of parents, district staff, and community/business partners was put together to build the program.  The team's purpose is to  "provide students in the Arlington Public Schools access to fresh, wholesome, and whole foods through partnerships with the farming community, processors and Food Services that are sustainable, affordable, local, and safe. We will establish strategies that integrate these foods into school meals, educate about, and reconnect students and community with, the agricultural lands and processes while supporting the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint."

We are excited to be working together to provide higher quality foods to our children and support the local community. We are currently developing a list of producers (growers, processors, vendors) that are interested in participating in our program.  If interested, please click on the links below to access the guidelines. These producers will send a weekly "fresh sheet" to the Director of Child Nutrition for potential purchases.

Informal Request for Quotes

Safe Food Handling Practices