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2018 Bonds to construct and renovate school facilities and improve security

The Board of Directors of Arlington Public Schools adopted a resolution calling for an election on Feb. 13, 2018. Arlington voters will be asked to authorize the district to issue $107.5 million in bonds to build a replacement for Post Middle School and improve safety and security at all school buildings in the district. Approval would not result in a tax rate increase from the rate that district voters paid in 2017.

Tax Rate Chart

Why issue bonds now?

- Bonds issued in 2000 to build Arlington High School paid off in 2020.
- Bond interest rates are near historic lows saving community money on improvements.State Match
- Facilities Advisory Committee, working since 2013 has identified projects to improve academic achievement, safety, security, and efficiency at all school buildings.
- Renovation of Post Middle School would cost at least 75% of building new and that’s just to meet code requirements, not improve instructional spaces.

- Replace Post Middle School
- Add eight classrooms, STEAM workshop and bus shelter at Arlington High School
- Install secure entry systems, improved door locks, and security cameras at all schools
- Add fire suppression system to Eagle Creek Elementary
- Provide classroom amplification systems at all elementary schools to promote student achievement
- Improve heating, ventilation, and air conditioning at all schools for better indoor air quality and energy efficiency
- Replace flooring at Eagle Creek and Kent Prairie Elementary schoolsPost Concept
Senior Exemption
Persons at least 61 years of age and who earn less than $40,000 annually may qualify for an exemption from local school taxes. For additional information about eligibility or to apply for exemption, contact the Snohomish County Assesser’s Office at 425-388-3433.

Summary of Project Cost Estimates by Site

Election Day is Feb. 13, 2018