APPLE ECEAP Simply Amazing Staff


I am thrilled to be here to tell you what an amazing teacher Angela Rosenstiel is. Angela embodies everything you would want in a preschool teacher. She strives to ensure there is a positive connection with all of her students and their families. Being with preschoolers is her passion and gives her joy. When they are excited, she is excited. When they are happy, she is thrilled. When they need support, she is there providing support and compassion, and when they are sad, she is comforting them.

Some of our families have shared she is sweet with the children. They are so glad she is their child’s teacher, that she is kind and thoughtful, and that she is super helpful with all of the preschoolers.

Angela loves to do things that may create controlled chaos, noise, messes, and most importantly fun in the learning environment. Her students have “ice skated” in the classroom using wax paper, they have celebrations when the class collectively learns a skill, she has a pattern party they are learning patterns. Although she is always thinking about what will be fun for them, she is purposefully using these fun activities to teach and to assess.

Angela is a huge blessing to 20 kids in one of our morning classes every year but became an even bigger blessing to 20 kids in one of the afternoon classes when she took on the role of Lead Teacher when the original teacher took a leave of absence. To meet all of the ECEAP requirements for 20 kids is hard to do. For Angela to take on 20 more not only shows her dedication to her job, but also her strength and compassion for Arlington School District’s ECEAP students.

Angela is a phenomenal team member, she is an amazing mentor, and a remarkable example for her Assistant teachers. I could go on and on, but I know there is a time limit. To summarize, Angela Rosenstiel in an extraordinary teacher.