Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.  He was a leading author, printer, satirist, political theorist, politician, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.  As a writer, he was famous for authoring maxims.  A maxim is a general rule of life or a code of behavior.  Some examples of Ben Franklin's maxims are:

-Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

-An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

-The early bird catches the worm.

Below, you can enjoy reading some maxims written by Brainteasers students!


You don't have to be tall to play ball.
~Andrew (Pioneer)

Exercise gets a lot of "Oh, my's"!
~Zac (Pioneer)

Soccer's on the field.  Soccer's in your thoughts.
You might as well take a shot!
~Eric (Pioneer)

When you litter,
You kill a critter.
~Marina (Pioneer)

The more you play with your rabbit,
The more it tries to grab it!
~Jordan (Pioneer)

Talking to plants makes them grow better.
~KJ (Pioneer)

A lie is not true
For you will get in more trouble than you wish.
~Christina (Pioneer)

Bend the truth often,
You can end up living a lie.
~Alena (Pioneer)

Read a book every day
And keep your teacher happy.
~Emme (Pioneer)

Knick knacks, kites and toys
For the little girls and boys
All that stuff is fun
But you don't need a ton
~Sidney (Pioneer)

You can never climb the slope without hope.
~Edward (Pioneer)

Do what you want to do in life
For you only live once
~Christina (Pioneer)

The more you cheat
The less of a player you become
~Christina (Pioneer)

Be a good friend
Because, some day, you might need one
~Christina (Pioneer)

The end of loquacity
Is the start of sagacity.
~Dan (Brainteasers Alumnus)

The annoyed cat scratches back.
~Alena (Pioneer)

Doing great things makes your family grand.
~Jordan (Pioneer)

Never give up because if you do
You will find less joy in life, whatever you do.
~Cameron (Pioneer)

It doesn't matter where you're going
It's the choice whether to go or not.
~Aidan (Pioneer)

Life is a written book.
There are no accidents.
~Rosalie (Pioneer)

If you believe,
It can be done.
~Joey (Pioneer)

Never let anybody push you around.
But, if you do, then it might happen for the rest of your days.
~McKenna (Pioneer)

Eating too much will make you grow fat
Which means it's time to fast.
~Sadie (Pioneer)

Veggies are delicious and fruits are yummy
But if you eat too much candy, it will hurt your tummy!
~Eden (Pioneer)

An onion a day
Keeps your friends away!
~Haley (Pioneer)

One healthy meal a day
Keeps the doctor away
~Alex (Pioneer)

Go to college to get knowledge
Then you'll do a fine job
And get paid a lot
~Cooper (Pioneer)

Be jolly, by golly!
Never eat holly!
~Haley (Pioneer)

More walking, less talking
So you don't waste your time
~Sadie (Pioneer)

An inventive person is a persistent person.
~Dominic (Pioneer)

Get to work early, get more done!
~MJ (Kent Prairie)

Never let your life go faster
Enjoy what you can do right now
~Nathaniel (Kent Prairie)

When one lies
Another always finds out
~Mary Catherine (Kent Prairie)

The more questions you ask
The more answers you'll get
~Brendon (Kent Prairie)

Get the work done so you can go play.
~Cole (Kent Prairie)

Don't threaten others
So they don't threaten you
~MJ (Kent Prairie)

Always take more responsibility
So you gain more trust
~MJ (Kent Prairie)

Friends are the best!
War is the worst.
~Nathaniel (Kent Prairie)

Work hard and you will accomplish more
~Mary Catherine (Kent Prairie)

Behave and you will be rewarded with respect.
~Mary Catherine (Kent Prairie)

The more responsibility you earn
The more respect you'll get.
~Brendon (Kent Prairie)

When you respect others
They respect you.
~Asher (Kent Prairie)

More effort means more work being done.
~Asher (Kent Prairie)

Being organized helps you keep track of your treasures.
~Cole (Kent Prairie)

Father And Mother I Love You
~Lexie (Kent Prairie)

When you get a beaded necklace from a friend, don't ask for pearls
Just think of all the times you laughed with them like squirrels
~Semone (Kent Prairie)

Don't fight
Do what's right
Be a friend not a bully
~Andrea (Kent Prairie)

Life is a path that is sometimes split into two ways-
The path of love and friendship
Or the path of hatred and loneliness
~Aysia (Kent Prairie)

Honesty never hurts
Because lies give the worst punishment
~Samuel (Kent Prairie)

Help people in need
And they will help you
~Brandon (Kent Prairie)

Remember, success only comes before work in the dictionary.
~Lexie (Kent Prairie)

Help people and you will be rewarded.  But the reward is not something you can hold.  It is the look on the person's face afterward.
~Semone (Kent Prairie)

Respect people
It's the right thing to do
If you respect them
Then they'll respect you!
~Andrea (Kent Prairie)

If you choose the path of love
You also choose the path of friendship
~Aysia (Kent Prairie)

Friendship is a ship that sails forever
~Emme (Kent Prairie)

Lend a hand, help someone out
And if you do, you'll get one back
~Emma (Kent Prairie)

Bully targets, old and new
Be aware of bullies
Stay away from bullies
And they might leave you
~Raven (Kent Prairie)

For effort to show
Work hard with friends you know
~Tanner (Kent Prairie)

Don't give a shove
Instead, give love
That's what friendship is all about.
~Niko (Kent Prairie)

Little children, don't be bad
Try not to make your parents mad
Don't make them ground you for your life
You'll be stuck in your bedroom
And it won't be nice
~Zane (Kent Prairie)

Be a good friend
Or you friendship might come to a sudden end
~Niko (Kent Prairie)

Reading once a day
Keeps your teacher away
~Zane (Kent Prairie)

Short but fast
Tall but slow
Could always fool someone
~Emme (Kent Prairie)

Be tidy, be on time
If you don't, you'll pay for a crime
~Emma (Kent Prairie)