Healthroom Information

Eagle Creek's school nurse is Doris Pettit. Doris has been a nurse for 22 years and has recently moved to Washington from Alabama. Eagle Creek feels very priviliged to have her with us. If you are in the office please stop by and introduce yourself and say hi.

Rainy Season

With the fall season comes the rain, and with that often a wet and muddy recess time. The school does not provide extra clothing for students. We'll let you be the judge since you know your child best, but we do encourage that you pack an extra change of clothing in your child's backpack for those times it may be needed. This can be especially helpful for our younger students who have occasional "accidents" during the school day so they may return to class more quickly and also saves parents a trip to school.


Washington State law requires that all children attending 6th grade must show proof of a booster for:

 · Tdap ~ (Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis) vaccine, if eleven years old and it has been five years since they received a tetanus-containing vaccine.

 · Varicella ~ (Chickenpox) vaccine or approximate date of illness or results from a blood test that shows immunity.

 (As of July 2011, the Health Department is requiring additional documentation and a doctor counsel to file an Exemption Form for vaccinations)

 ***All immunizations must be current and in compliance for your student to attend school***