Grading Rubric in Music 4 - Consistently meets all criteria. Exceeds Standard. 3 - Some minor problems in 1 or 2 of the criteria. Can get back on track. Meets Standard. 2 - Problems in 1 or 2 of the criteria, may make mistakes but unable to fix them. Making progress to standard. 1 - Problems in 3 or more of the criteria. Doesn't notice mistakes or fix them. Below standard. ************************************************************************************************** Audience Behavior or Listening Rubric 4 - The students always focus on performance (speaker, teacher). They exhibit exceptional behavior, providing a good model for others. 3 - Students listen attentively and need no teacher reminders to sit quietly. They follow all the rules for good audience behavior. 2 - Students need occasional teacher reminders to listen attentively and/or to be quiet. Students may turn around to talk to other students, may get out of their seats, and not follow all the rules of good audience behavior. 1 - Students need frequent reminders to sit still, be quiet and/or listen attentively. Students make it difficult for other students to listen and learn. ************************************************************************************************** Singing Criteria *matches pitches *uses proper breath support and posture *pronounces words correctly in rhythm (diction) *projects tone with resonant quality *sings with appropriate expression (dynamics, articulation) Keyboard Criteria *fingers in a rounded hand position *play on 'pads' of fingers (not tips) *power from the wrists *student understands keyboard set-up (black & white keys) *Student understands pitch direction (up is to the right - down is to the left) *Student makes connections between music patterns and keyboard - music reading Recorder Criteria *breathing is soft into the recorder (tone) *covering the required holes completely *recorder held at approximately a 45 degree angle to the body *good posture (straight back, head upl elbows slightly out *Three positions - lap, chin, and mouth *Holding the recorder - left hand on top *legato (smooth) tonguing (doo) *Embouchere - mouthpiece not too far in mouth *Gentle sound - no over-blowing Instrument playing Criteria *Instrument is played lightly, in the desired spot *Instrument is allowed to vibrate fully (hand or beater pops up immediately after striking) *Student is attentive to rhythm pattern and/or watches the music *Student starts and stops at the right time *Student plays at the correct dynamic level Mallet Criteria (barred instruments) *Top of the hand faces the ceiling *first finger and thumb lightly pinch the mallet, first and all fingers curve slightly around the mallet *playing motion comes from the wrist, not the elbow *mallet lightly bounces up from the center of the bar immediately after striking *student alternates hands when appropriate Musicianship Criteria *Mastery of chosen repertoire *accuracy of pitches/rhythms *proper articulation skills and phrasing *correct identification of notes and musical symbols *improvisational skill *Listening to other musicians and blending in an ensemble Movement Criteria *Move to a steady beat *identify left and right *space awareness *Move in various levels - low, medium, high *Understands direction - forward, back, sideways, diagonal *Demonstrates a variety of musical qualities based on genre of the music (float, thrust, etc.) *Performs sequential dance patterns *can improvise movement according to music type Musical Notation Criteria *Can read grade appropriate notation accurately *Uses and performs music symbols *Uses neat readable manuscript *Consistently uses proper number of beats per measure Instrument recognition *Can verbally identify major instrument families *Can aurally recognize each instrument and name it *Can visually recognize and properly name an instrument *Can accurately place individual instruments within its instrument category