Wed, August 20, 2014

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Pick up time

We are always working to keep pick up time smooth and efficient. If you are a parent that parks and picks up your child, please make sure to park along the fence and not in the Stillaguamish Valley parking lot, or along the curb at the cross walk. It creates a bottle neck and disrupts our exit flow. Thank you so much for keeping the traffic moving

What happens on early release days?

As you know, once per month we have a day when kids are released at 12:40, and staff remain at work. These times are so important for our school! We work on a variety of projects on these days, all of which are designed to increase student achievement. Our work includes:

o Looking at student progress data and planning next steps in teaching

o Learning about new state requirements (a  new Instructional Framework for teaching, new evaluation systems, new learning standards called Common Core State Standards)

o Working as teacher teams to plan units of study and deepen knowledge of curriculum (our Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum), and to plan intervention and enrichment activities for kids

 We are so grateful to our community for embracing this change in our calendar. Please know that we ensure this time is meaningful for your kids! After all, our school purpose is, “Our mission… your child’s success.” We mean it, and this time helps us fulfill our purpose.

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